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Presented by Happy Trails Animation




This award-winning short film was inked with a quill pen for an authentic hand-drawn look and composited in an original process developed by Happy Trails Animation as well as with TV Paint and Wacom Technology products. 

An extra special deal is that we are planning to use these NFTs from our animated short to get interested participants for our TBA meta projects. We are going to apply the same Happy Trails Animation boutique style to create some amazing fun worlds. Help support independent animation and what comes next.


It’s the dead of winter in the countryside.  A little girl lives with her ailing mother and their scruffy dog in a remote Gothic style mansion. 

This tender drama of visual virtuosity and emotional impact transcends time and culture.

You can now own a piece of this amazing short film for 3 SOL.

(30% of this sale will go to support the children of Ukraine)

Open sale April 15th 3 SOL.  ( Event Has Expired)


Crystal Heart Award:
Heartland Film Festival

Audience Choice Award :

Melbourne Int’l Animation Festival

Best Animation & Experimental Short:

 Indie Memphis Film Festival (USA)

Mill Valley Film Festival

The Denver Int’l Film Festival

Frontier Airlines Best of Show:

Cloud 9 Film Fest (USA & Mexico)

Best of the NW - NW Film & Video Festival 

Boston Motion Picture Award

Worldfest-Houston Award (Gold Remi)

The NW Film & Video Festival

Portland Int’l Film Festival

Arizona Int’l Film Festival

Ann Arbor Film Festival

Moondance Film Festival

Cartoons on the Bay (Italy)

Cinanima Int'l Animated Film Festival (Portugal)

And many, many more


Winter/ En Hiver is an international short film by Happy Trails Animation. This film garnered many sought after industry awards from around the world. 


Now, a piece of this independent film can be part of your collection for 3 SOL. 


Collecting animation art is one of the most exciting hobbies there is. Imagine displaying a piece of this independent international film on a wall -- it would be more rare than the thousands of Mickey and Donald cells out there.


Intrigued by Hayao Miyazaki, Happy Trails Animation wanted to create a western cultural version of  anime-style animation.  As a studio, we were also taken by American illustrator Edward Gorey’s quill pen style of illustration. 


Animation is about visual communication and this project gave us the canvas to demonstrate this unique style with a message that conveys a very complicated theme without narration.  Audiences from around the world enjoyed this nonspoken film and connected with Winter’s story, regardless of which country they were from.



Winter runs 5:35 minutes and its frame rate is 24 frames per second. Winter's NFTs are full resolution 1920 X 1080 JPG format.  The count of frames starts at 1 and goes to 6012 frames which is 4:17 of the original film. We did not include the credits. Each frame is a collectible, digital, sequential file. We are minting these animation frames on the Solana Blockchain.

How do I get started?

Begin by creating a Solana wallet, if you don’t already have one. Either Phantom, Sollet or Solflare will work. Deposit SOL into your wallet, and you're ready to go.


What are the features?

  • Embedded licenses for NFTs.

  • NFT compatibility with the SPL token standard, allowing all NFTs minted on Solana to be listed.

  • Calendar for major NFT drops on Solana.

  • The ability to mint NFTs on the marketplace

  • And many more 


What are the fees?

There is a 3% marketplace fee which occurs on every successful NFT sale. Artists can also decide their own creator’s fee (royalties).


There are NO other marketplace fees, only Solana network fees for other transactions (minting, listing, delisting, creating collections).


We have chosen to mint these NFTs on the Solana Block-chain because it is cost effective for collectors and the environment.


Each image will be 3 SOL.

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